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Everyone loves a special personalized gift.....and we can certainly do that for you! If you tell us what name you would like on the print, we will try to make it fit. Longer names are a little tricky....so in some cases initials look better or even a date.

If you are using a girl's initials, we need them in the order of FIRST< LAST< MIDDLE.....The last name initial will appear larger and in the center.

If you are using a boys initials, we prefer to do those straight across all the same size in the order of FIRST<MIDDLE<LAST 

Ornaments and magnets do not allow much space for names.... one initial looks great on there or a date is good too!

IF you are personalizing a baby magnet or ornament, we can usually get a name at the bottom.....or on the sail of the boat. Sometimes simply is better!

Don't know yet what you want to put on a print? That is okay,,,,,you can do it yourself.....just use a fine tip sharpie on all prints. magnets and ornaments. If you want to personalize your note cards, you may want to use a regular black ball point pen.

Email us at any time for suggestions! dwtooker@cox.net

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